At the Law Offices of W. Ronald Seabold, we are dedicated exclusively to the practice of criminal defense and offer legal assistance in all areas of criminal defense throughout all stages of the criminal process.  We will represent you through the entirety of your case, ready to defend you both inside and outside the courtroom. We have handled thousands of criminal cases and won acquittals, reduction of charge(s) and dismissal(s) for our clients.

Retaining a criminal defense attorney who can defend you against serious allegations and explain all of your legal options is an important decision. If you have been accused of a crime, you are facing a legal battle that may forever change the course of your life. Most people facing criminal charges are confused, embarrassed and frightened by the process that lies ahead. You probably have a million questions and you are not quite sure how to proceed. You are up against a prosecution team backed by the resources of the government with a single purpose — to get a conviction. Without an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for you, you are in an unfair fight.

Early intervention is the key to our mutual success. If you believe that you may be under investigation or if you in fact have been contacted by law enforcement, but no charges have been filed, it is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately to inquire about representation. You should act fast and decisively. This is a crucial stage that could be the key to preventing any charges from being filed. If later on charges are filed, then it is extremely helpful to have your defense team in place, ready to defend your rights under the law.

If you have been arrested and are facing criminal charges, you need to understand what your rights are and what options you have for protecting those rights. We can help.

If a family member was arrested, we can appear in court on short notice and address bail/release issues on behalf of the family member.

Many cases involve search and seizure issues, police stops, Miranda warnings and other violations of a person’s constitutional rights. Attorney Seabold will thoroughly investigate your stop and/or arrest to determine if the police and other law enforcement officials adhered to the law. In every case, he will take the time to fully understand the circumstances of your situation.

We all know that one is supposed to be “presumed innocent until proven guilty.” Unfortunately, the reality is that our criminal justice system puts the accused at a serious disadvantage. Innocent people are convicted of crimes every day. Often people arrested for certain conduct are all too often excessively charged, making them subject to a more serious penalty than appropriate. You need a defense lawyer you can trust with your life in a justice system which is intimidating and unfriendly. We will fight for you to get the justice you deserve.

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